Menu Reimagining

Mock up of my trifold menu
Old menu
Old menu
New menu
New menu
3 screen video wall template (Photoshop)
3 screen video wall with ad (After Effects)
Product photography
Product photography

Menu Reimagining

I saw a menu at a local restaurant that I felt could benefit from a reimagining. If hired to do so, I would:

Retake the photos of the food- The old photos were dark and hard to see so I redid them using my photo booth set up. I would work to get them looking dreamy on a clean white background which elicits feelings of cleanliness and purity.

Change the Paper type- by upgrading the paper to a bone white rice paper texture made from recycled paper, you will bring a much stronger upscale feeling to the menu and restaurant as a whole. The added benefit of using recycled paper and showing your willingness to help the environment is also a good way to elevate your business to a higher level.

Change the font– I chose new more modern fonts and changed how the prices were listed to continue that upscale vibe by removing the 0.99c older way of writing prices that is out of style now.

Create a 3 screen video wall– With a relatively small investment for the tv screens and small computer hub to run them, the restaurant could bring a very modern feeling to the front counter area. This set-up also allows for free ad space announcing special items or seasonal offerings. You can run ads for free as people are waiting in line and then there would be less need for menus at the counter reducing the waste as they get used and ruined. A huge added benefit of not wasting menus is it makes you more green as well as save you money in the long run.

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  1. Great menu!

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