The first thing I try to do when creating a logo for someone is to find out what the logo can do for them. In this case, I looked up the municipality of East Ferris. One of the concerns of the client was to create a clean, simple, modern logo that is not hung up in the city’s past as is often the case in small northern communities. I went to the 2019-2022 strategic plan on their website and from there, I found the
strategic planning survey results. When I started reading through the different answers given by the public, it was clear that the new logo should help inspire a feeling of togetherness where some might have concerns that both towns weren’t always treated equally. An idea that was brought up as I described what I was conceptualizing as a unity was that of the Ying Yang. With that in mind, I designed a logo that is perfectly symmetrical and equal in all respects. That way, both towns have exact equal representation within the logo. I wanted to keep the proud feeling of being a rural community and respectful of nature, so I incorporated the maple leaf as the symbol instead of the traditional dots that you would find in a Ying Yang. I also wanted to join the two together further by adding an organic flowing shape representing a river or a trail. I chose to make it black so it would recede and be a gentle meeting point for the two pieces. The last thing I felt was important to include was the town’s motto of “our home”. Another thing that joins the community together is a bilingualism that is represented in the logo by having both English and French in equal proportions. When it came to colouring the logo, I went with the two colours from the website that the client asked for.

With this logo I sought to fill a hole in the LGBTQ+ clothing option available at a local shop. A lot of my friends that are part of the community want to show their pride in who they are but don’t want or need the clothing to be so “loud” and aggressively over the top. I also wanted to create a logo for clothing worn by their spouses and family members allowing them to show their support. That’s what inspired my logo design of “I support Love”. I feel it is important to support love in all its shapes and forms. Inside the ove part you can get any of the flag colours for which community you or your loved ones identify as. I made the L the different symbols representing each community to show a level of support and togetherness of the community as a whole.

My redesign
Old logo needing change

Shark Logo Project Rationale
Designer: Marc Pilon

Client Brief: Dylan from Shark Inc. has asked us to help with the company’s re-branding as their old logo was having copyright issues. Since the logo will be screened on shirts, hats and possibly embroidered, this will be a spot colour design. Suggest 2, 3 colours, more colours more costly to produce, so keep budget in mind.

Concept: The New Shark Inc. Logo has several elements that work harmoniously to bring trust and recognition to this company. The first element to help bring trust forward is the chosen colour deep water blue. The colour blue is a popular colour among large companies, hospitals and airlines. It is a color that symbolizes loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust. The colour gold also points to wisdom but adds courage and passion. When together like the sun in the sky, these two colours live well together. The thick sans serif font of Shark is modern and very visible. The counter of the A and R have been replaced with sharks. They are indicative of the shape of a ying yang to help give a feeling of serenity and to also, add an eye catching visual. Cohesiveness is important as this company offers many different aftermarket electronics and vehicle wrap solutions. This is the main purpose of the gold lines, they help hold the eye together and frame the name of the company. The exception to being closed in by the lines is the over lapping shark that is a touch of fun and its expression a fun little smirk. The purpose of the shark is to show
how the company is not only approachable but doesn’t fear the competition. Even though the shark rises above the name and gold line it is looking right at the est.1999 part of the logo giving a circular path to bring the eye back to the name.

Titans Logo Project Rationale
Designer: Marc Pilon

Client Brief: John McLeod, head coach of the Titans Swim club has asked us to help with the teams re-branding of 2 logos, one circular on just words. Since the logo will be screened on shirts, hats and possibly embroidered, this will be a spot colour design. Suggest 2, 3 colours, keep budget in mind. The logo will initially be printed as one colour, the design must look good one or three colours. 2/3 colour logo will look good on all the digital and most printed material.

Concept: I took my cue from images of underwater swimmers like when they are first off the starting blocks. The client wanted the logo to look new and different from the other clubs. Most clubs have a butterfly stroke or overhead stroke so I chose an underwater scene. I made it look Fast, Superhero like, and made sure to keep it gender neutral. I chose clean unique fonts for the main name as well as the asked for hometown name of North Bay. My 2 colours are a spot colour Pantone 647 c blue and black. That is for the 2 colour needs of t-shirts printing, but I also included a multi coloured poly art version of the main swimmer for posters, on screen needs, as well as large wall murals.

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