Brochure: for a fictional business that builds and delivers pre made sheds.

Purpose: I wanted to build a simple bi fold brochure to demonstrate my abilities in Adobe CC. I created a fictious business that specialized in pre fab buildings, made to spec, for where ever you would want to have them deliver it.

Process: I chose dimensions and design according to what I would order for my new office slash work studio. Ive been wanting to price out and seek permits to build my new studio in our back yard. I plan to then take these drawing to the local builders to give them an idea what I want. I used 3D software to give them a more accurate idea and made sure it is all to scale. I then designed it to fit in a brochure much like the kind at a display booth that would include a business card and free quote ticket to drum up business. I chose masculine colours as this is for a construction company and I used photos ive taken to show the many types of places they could set them up for you for inspiration. I also included some photos from google to show interior office spaces that I personally would love to recreate for myself in my version of this shed.

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